Sep 06


http://Fads come and go when it comes to wedding dresses but one fashion trend worthy of mention is so simple and practical it makes you wonder why it wasn’t thought of before – pockets. Martha Stewart Weddings even gives them their thumbs up in her wedding blog. “They’re cozy, cute and convenient…That’s right: Go ahead and slip your lip gloss, your vows, or even a snack in there…” As comfy as your favorite pair of jeans, states the article. Traditional, trendy, romantic or bohemian, states Stewart’s magazine, doesn’t matter – pockets rock. An article written by Carrie Anton in the Knot states that empty hands are sometimes awkward on the big day. And she even suggests things that can be stored away in those two secret spots: an heirloom hanky, a worry stone, a little memento of someone special who has passed on, a love note, a lipstick, anything small you hold near and dear. Kelsey Borresen, writing for the Huffpost, states that “One of life’s simple pleasures is discovering that a really pretty dress just so happens to have pockets. Why? Because you can store things in there. Or you can put your hands in them and strike a cute, care-free pose.” And pockets are even handier on your wedding day, writes Borresen. Camilla Olson, quoted in The Atlantic, states that women’s clothing without pockets, believes the fashion industry is sexist when it comes to pockets for women. “I honestly believe the fashion industry is not helping women advance,” says Olson, creative director of a fashion firm. “We women know clearly we need pockets to carry technology and I think it’s expected we are going to carry a purse. When we’re working we don’t carry purses around. A pocket is a reasonable thing.” And on your wedding day, what could be more liberating than pockets. To capture your super-cool pose – the one with your hands in pockets – call David Morris Photography.