Sep 21

fall weddings

Halloween-themed weddings are anything but traditional and that’s the way some folks like it.

Nadia Digilov, author of Getting Married in New York, suggests keeping the aura of romance in your All Hollow’s Eve wedding.

“A wedding is a celebration of a marriage between a couple and therefore should not be confused with a tacky Halloween party,” said Digilov in the Huffpost.

When Shelly and Herb Hunter got married in Sarnia four years ago they were driven to the Royal Canadian Navy Club in a black coffin. They called their ceremony the “joining of the bones.”

The 150 guests wore spooky costumes and the altar was decked out like a cemetary with headstones, cobwebs and spiders.

Herb emerged from a coffin at the wedding.

The officiant, Barbara Western-Pajuk, was dressed as a witch.

Shelly’s bouquet had black roses.

And Raymond and Lori McCurdy of Windsor said “I boo” during their nuptials last year.

“We didn’t want anything traditional whatsoever,” Lori told the Windsor Star. “We’re different, we have fun all the time, so we didn’t want to try to be serious.”

The wedding tent was covered in cobwebs and skull lanterns and the bride wore black.

The couple held a haunted house in their barn the weekend of their wedding to raise money for hospice care in their community.