If you have a project that needs some video, give me a call.
I am first and always a still photographer. I like the control I have with my camera. I like the timing, I like waiting for the moment and love when I get it. Then along came video. All my new cameras shoot video, GoPro is awesome and Adobe lets me have great editing software. I really like music. Maybe I can make some video? Well it turns out video is a lot of fun too.
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For wedding videos I recommend talking to Adam at The Wedding Film Group which functions as a collective of photographers, filmmakers and editors. It is a body with many parts, each performing a unique function, and each supporting the whole. We believe a unique wedding deserves a high-quality original production. Our filmmakers are serious when it comes to delivering exceptional shots, our editors passionate when it comes to exploring new cutting techniques, and our creative directors having strong visual storytelling skills, which is what separates us from the many.

It starts with one frame. The lighting must shape our subject, while the angle must be flattering and intriguing. Since cinematography stems from that one frame, all our filmmakers must have a strong photography background. Camera motion dictates the viewers’ attention, and elevates the viewing experience. Our rigging equipment allows us to capture your experience from multiple angles along with the liberty of movement.

An audience will forgive you for a poor visual, but are less forgiving when it comes to poor sound. For this reason our filmmakers are well trained in all spectrums of film production, including sound. We believe in capturing ambient sound from all directions. From vows to speeches, our range of microphones and audio recorders allow us to capture all the important sounds clips.

We are equipped with a wide range of HD cameras including DSLRs and XD cams, which when used professionally, provide amazing cinematic images. We highly recommend to all our clients to ask for quotes and compare styles, packages and pricing. Your wedding film will be a timeless document that will be a constant reminder of your love. The investment you make now, will pay for itself a dozen times over through the course of your lives together.

Ask for a consultation and we will be more than happy to clearly outline what your wedding will look like on the big screen. We look forward to working with you.