My Photography

The most wonderful thing about being a photographer is that my work and my fun are the same. This portfolio is my fun, where I get to use my camera to see the whole world around me in ways that my eye on its own can’t. 

Through this portfolio, I can capture images from the micro to the immense. From the highest place in the world in Tibet to the lowest in Israel. From my home in Toronto to around the world.  From the ruins of an inner city to the palatial and modern. Capturing, with my photography, the people, places and creatures that make Toronto and the world what it is, for good or bad, is always worth seeing and understanding.

One of the amazing things about photography is the ability to capture in still a moving image – either through time or space – and in so doing give it permanence. 

I have always felt that travel is one of the most worthwhile accomplishments for anyone and my travel has always been about my photography. My favourite days have always been in a new place with my camera, out walking the streets looking for images to make. These favourite days are followed by my favourite nights sitting in a bar or coffee shop with my laptop reviewing and working on the photos from the day.  

Thanks for taking a look at these images. They mean a lot to me. Any thoughts about my images are always appreciated. Send me an postcard, drop me a line, stating point of view. Yay Beatles. An email works too.