Our favourite Wedding & Engagement Photos Locations in Toronto:

Guild Park and Gardens 

This beautiful park is the full package for a great Wedding photography shoot. If you are a fan of nature and amazing building remains, this is the perfect location for your future engagement shoot. Located in Scarborough, in the Scarborough bluffs, could be a beautiful chance for fresh air and a very successful shoot. This location includes; a lush forest, beautiful ‘Greek Theatre’, other amazing remains, sandy beaches, interesting sculptures, and much more. 

Kensington Market

This location is great for hip and multicultural located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Booming with art and culture, this location is the perfect spot for a hip photo shoot. With graffiti and beautiful colours as far as the eye can see, this place is perfect for your future engagement or wedding shoot. This location includes; the famous and beautiful garden car, graffiti as far as the eye can see, hip stores booming with colour, the beautiful Kensington park, and much more. 

Osgoode Hall

Are you a fan of history?  This beautiful national historic site of Canada could be the location for your engagement or wedding photo shoot. Its elegantly crafted architecture makes it the perfect place for a successful photo shoot. This amazing building is located on Queen st West downtown Toronto, making it very accessible for any Torontonian. If you love history and beautiful buildings this could be the place for your next photo shoot. 

Alexander Muir Memorial Garden

Calling all nature lovers! This tranquil garden is perfect for a nice clean, nature themed photo shoot. This location also includes an iconic stone landmark, which is perfect for a romantic engagement photo shoot. The combination of stone and natural elements really brings a photo shoot to life. 

Edward Gardens

This location is truly the whole package for an engagement or wedding photoshoot. Edward Gardens is booming with lush forests, and also includes a beautiful river running through the garden, and a wooden bridge going over the river. Making this location a great spot for a photo shoot with all of the different beautiful aspects. This amazing garden is located in North York, on Lawrence Ave East. 

Distillery District 

The Distillery District is the perfect location for an engagement or wedding photo-shoot.  This beautiful national and historic site was redeveloped in 2003 to become this rustic location you see today. In addition to these redeveloped buildings, there’s modern sculptures, and always hold different exhibitions. It was also listed in National Geographic as a “top pick” for travellers and most definitely is a must see. 

Cherry Beach

Are you a fan of beautiful water and sandy beaches? This might be the location for your engagement or wedding photo-shoot. It has that clean, pure and natural atmosphere.  Perfect chance to rock that white outfit you have been saving for this certain occasion. Not only are there beautiful beaches, there is also greenery that also adds an interesting touch.  

University Of Toronto – St. George Campus

Not only is the University of Toronto St. George Campus a university, it is also a great spot for an engagement or wedding photo-shoot! This medieval looking building is castle-like and perfect for a romantic photo-shoot. This location includes a beautiful tunnel, surrounded by greenery and vines, adding a nature and medieval atmosphere. 

Casa Loma

Casa Loma, which is Spanish for “hill house”, is a magnificent castle-like house built on a hill. This majestic castle is located near Yorkville and the Annex. Casa Loma includes 98 beautiful rooms, secret passageways, and elegant gardens. This location is the absolute perfect venue for any brides beautiful wedding photo-shoot, or a very stunning engagement shoot. Casa Loma creates a majestic themed photo shoot, and brings out the princess side of any bride. 

York University- Glendon Campus

York University Glendon Campus is not only a University campus, but also a stunning location for a photo-shoot. This location is perfect for engagement and wedding photo-shoots.  Glendon Campus includes an elegant building, surrounded with greenery, such as beautiful vines covering almost the whole building, and booming gardens surrounding. 

Harborfront Centre

Harbourfront Centre is the perfect combination of beautiful  lake Ontario water and views of the CN tower, Toronto’s most famous landmark. Located right on the harbor near downtown Toronto. This is the perfect spot to have your engagement or wedding photo shoot. The Harbourfront Center as a photo shoot location makes it possible to have the CN tower in view, to fully support your beloved city in your photos. This location creates an urban feel to your photos. If urban city life is your style.

Wychwood Barns Park

Wychwood Barns Park was firstly built as a streetcar maintenance facility in 1913, and was converted into a beautiful heritage building. This building is located in the Bracondale Hill area of Toronto, and would be a perfect fit for an engagement photo-shoot. This location has lush gardens both inside and outside for all you garden lovers out there. This heritage building has a certain homely feel to it to make it a great photo-shoot location, and to remit that homely feel into your photos. 


Unionville is a cute suburban village located in Markham.  This village is the perfect place for an engagement photo-shoot. This little village has a homely feel to it, giving engagement shoots a sort of relaxed and charming sensation. The old buildings are a great background for photos, and create a wonderfully rustic feeling. 

High Park 

Are you a nature lover, and would love to have nature portrayed in you photo-shoot? High Park might be the perfect location for you engagement or wedding shoot. This huge park has the whole package, it includes beautiful cherry blossom trees, and when in bloom are a rich pink and creates photos booming with colour. The sun sets right over the Grendier  pond, which creates a beautiful and romantic scene. High Park also includes lush forests that are perfect for all you nature lovers out there. Book for wedding or engagement photo-shoot with David Morris Photography today!