Kids Photography

Jennie has been my longest running project and a whole lot more. Just watch the hair grow. The years of being her dad, watching her grow into the person she is and will become has seemed to pass by in an instant. Being able to look back and see all the different Jennies there have been over the years has been a real gift. It has been the best use of a home photography studio ever and being able to share my studio space and make similar images for others has been deeply rewarding.

You’re only young once. We all grow up and grow old. We are constantly changing from day to day and year to year. As Joni Mitchell sang, We can’t return, we can only look behind from where we came. Indeed, we can’t go back but we can stop time with our photos. 

Watch them grow and capture all the moments in your kids’ lives. Can you ever have too many photos?

We all have a camera in our pocket, and many of us take hundreds – maybe thousands – of photos of our kids. We post these photos on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, but how many of them are worthy of our precious wall space?  How many will be printed and framed and shown to family, friends and neighbours? How many will make your friends stop and really pay attention? Be honest. Not many. This is why we should take the time to get professional photos taken, either in the studio or outside in your favourite setting.  At David Morris Photography, we have the tools to create truly beautiful and artistic photos.