Associate Wedding Photographers

Meet my associates, who will take on the role of your second photographer, working alongside me.  Alternatively, in cases when I am already booked, they will become your primary photographer. They provide a fun and relaxing atmosphere, take great photos and they all make me better at what I do. Our shared philosophy is our commitment to working for you, taking high quality photographs to capture the atmosphere of your day, perfecting the images that reflect your wedding day and your personality.  It’s your wedding, not ours. We strive to be as flexible, accommodating and prepared as we possibly can, ready to capture the moments – scripted or otherwise – that make your day yours.  

View Lisa’s Portfolio

Lisa has been working with me since 2012, splitting her time between her photography and her music. A fabulous guitar player and singer, you can catch Lisa at clubs around town.

View Salina’s Portfolio

I found Salina while teaching photography back in 2004. Always my best student and the hardest worker I know, Salina has mostly gone off on her own now but we still love working together as much as we can.

View Kas’ Portfolio

Kas has taken photos with me for what seems forever. I started working with Kas as she started her education in the Ryerson Photography program and have continued on to see her grow into the great photographer she is today.

View Morgan’s Portfolio

Morgan is a Ryerson Photography graduate who began his career shooting commercial and editorial photography.  He’s a proud father and enjoys playing his guitar and fixing things.”