Aug 15


Before putting your pooch in the wedding party, here are a few things to chew on.

While your dog may look sweet in a tux or bridesmaid dress, does your dog have what it takes to deal with stress?

Victoria Stilwell, author of Train Your Dog Positively, wants you to make common sense decisions about whether your dog cuts the mustard.

“Sociable dogs that are outgoing and friendly often cope better with the extra attention they are likely to receive,” she writes.  “If your dog is shy and uncomfortable around people, leave him at home where is safe and secure.”

Check to see if your venue, with the exception of service dogs, even allows dogs on the property.

Start training your dog well in advance for the role they will play or the dog, not you, will be the star of the show.

“A jumping dog will not be appreciated,” says Stilwill. “If his excitement level is too high, he might find it hard to control his impulses – in which case, keep him leashed and controlled at all times.”

If your dog doesn’t measure up for the wedding party, there are other ways to include your best friend in the festivities.

“It’s all about customizing these days so some couples have custom-inspired cartoons or monograms to go on their invitations, place cards and menu cards” says New York based event designer Lindsay Landman.

If the venue you’ve chosen has a strict no-pet’s policy, Landman, writing in InStyle magazine, suggests naming a cocktail in honor of Duke or Daisy.

Instead of the traditional wedding registry, animal lovers are asking for donations to their favorite pet rescue.

“I am a supporter of the Nor Cal French Bulldog Rescue non-profit group and the day that I get married in lieu of gifts and wedding favors, I would donate funds to the French Bulldog Rescue and let my guests know about the donations going to the rescue,” states Landman.

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