Apr 23

Lucky Me

Kid portraits

I think I’m the luckiest guy in the world.  You know why?  Because my job is to see love, and take photos of it.  And I see it everywhere!  In most obvious places, like in Jennie’s eyes, the flowers outside, in nature and wildlife and animals, and in the subtle places, like…  Well you’re going to have to go through some of my work to see that evidence!

I’m lucky because when most people are rushing through the grind, eating breakfast in their car and jumping from phone call to sales meeting to phone call, I’m the guy who’s watching the rain slide down the window pane, or the sunshine reflecting off the puddle on the ground.  My job is to see and capture the subtle.  And when I’m working for you, I’m hypersensitive to that thought, that moment, that flicker in your eye – where the real you shines through – or when that shared smile where your love for one another presides.

I’ve been working for 20 years as a photographer and wedding photographer, and I am so lucky to go to work on the happiest day of people’s lives; the day that nobody wants to forget.  My job is to see love and you’d think that’s pretty apparent at a wedding, but the beauty is in the subtleties, and I don’t think I’ve let anyone down with almost 500 weddings.

Thank you for allowing me show you through my lens, the beauty that emanates from you, and for sharing that with me.