Apr 25

Four Seasons of Weddings


Everybody hopes for a wedding in the summer and in the sunshine.  But there are advantages to winter weddings and, believe it or not, even to weddings on a rainy day.  When the sky is overcast, the light is soft, which allows for an open aperture and with that, I can capture a different style of photo.  I can catch mood, and subtlety of expression.  I can capture character.

Spring weddings are beautiful because the flowers and trees are amidst regeneration.  It’s the beginning of a season, but often the weather is unpredictable and sometimes torrential.  But you will have your pick of locations and practitioners, since it’s not high season for wedding celebrations

My parents wedding anniversary was December 27th.  It’s an odd time to get married since there is already so much activity at that time of year, but I sort of liked it because they got married when it made sense to them.  They got married for a reason, for a purpose, not for the superficiality of when they can celebrate together.  And what the photos will look like.

I know many people who like to get married on tropical beaches.  And for the record, yes please, I travel.  As long as you cover the travel costs, I’m your portable photographer.  The day passes by very quickly and all you have left are the photos to recall the magical day and the magical feelings.