May 19

It is exactly one week to the hour that I began to walk down the aisle, as I write you this email; We have just come back from the honeymoon at the cottage, and have peeked into our photos in the client gallery. We had to stop, so as not to lose the anticipation, and the savouring of what your photos have already let us relive. You captured what Jeff and I both agree was the most amazing moment of our lives. It’s really a marvel, actually.. that at that time, it really felt like there was no one but he and I in the whole room. And yet, you were there, with your lens, capturing every moment so perfectly, that.. exactly one week to the hour, we are able to relive the excitement, the joy.. and see who else was there and excited for us.

Thank you for: your kindness, your patience, your calmness, your organization, your excellent communication skills, your professionalism, your compassion (not everyone jumps at the idea of photographing a jumpy bride, and her rottweilers!) Thank you for the reasonable price point, and most of all, for your incredible skill. Each picture is worth a thousand words, so based on that, Jeff and I, and all of the guests who are so happy to have been captured, owe you at least a novel of gratitude.