May 19

I received for my birthday last week, the photo album of Jackson’s first year. Not surprisingly you continue to amaze! The photos are magnificent as always, capturing the most poignant and comic moments so perfectly; but as well, the thoughtful and artistic composition of the album from front to back cover is stunning. The artful juxtaposition of the tone, mood and colour of the photos is hauntingly beautiful. Having the wonderful wedding album already, and now being able to add to it my grandson’s first year documented in pictures, is the most priceless gift one can be given, and you have made that possible for me. I want to thank you for the time and effort which you so generously and thoughtfully provided in order that I might have this most cherished book of memories. Only as a parent, and grandparent, can one know the true essence of what these treasured memories mean, and the complete and utter joy which accompanies these everlasting moments. Again, thank you so very much.