May 19

David was extremely professional, and incredibly easy-going and fun, even when the “Paparazzi” showed up- a group of about 20 snap-happy and vocal wedding guests who followed us down to our “˜private” portrait session, and had no qualms about bossing him around and getting in the way while he tried to do his job! “Hey! Don’t move her yet! We haven’t all finished getting OUR snaps of the portraits you’ve set up“) He even “hired” my enthusiastic cousin as his assistant for the day, and lent her one of his very expensive cameras when he saw how much fun she was having with our photo sessions.

What can I say rather than they are phenomenal and we are so very happy with both the presentation and the photographs themselves. We watched them last night and the whole thing literally brought tears to my eyes I think that Mike was somewhat misty at a few points too.