May 18

Dear David, You now have a little daughter. Some day she will be married. It is my hope that on that day someone like you does the photography for her wedding. Your work is truly magnificent. You haven’t just taken photos; you have given memories that are virtually as vivid and real as the day these memories were made.

Given that Kristin herself is a photographer, I am sure there was some extra pressure not to let her down. Trust me when I tell you that she is ecstatic with your work.

When I first saw the photos and watched the slide show I was moved beyond an outward visible reaction. I cannot describe to you, or to anyone the joy I felt. You are an unbelievably gifted artist. The thought that went into the creation of each photo and in turn the combined force of all the photos documenting the wedding and brilliantly set to music is pure genius. The colours, the composition, the attention to every little detail, show not just a person whose vocation is photography; rather an artist whose avocation is the love of the art form.

Thank you for the greatest gift any Mother can receive on the occasion of one of the defining moments in life- my personal recording of my daughter’s wedding, as memorable in pictures as it was in reality.