Jul 28

Budget Planning

For those of us who can’t afford a royal wedding, take heart.

Mary Bratko, founder of the blog WeddingGirl.ca. and who has planned more than 200 ceremonies ranging from $3,000 to $31 million, gives tips on how to shave costs so your big day doesn’t spiral out of control.

In a recent Toronto Star article, Bratko,

challenges wedding planners on a tight budget to lower the guest count – quality over quantity slashes expenses.

“You can give a smaller quest count an incredible wedding experience – on a budget,” she says.

Bratko also tells people to prioritize.

What’s important to you – the band, the dress, the food, the drinks, the center pieces, the venue.  What do you care about most.

For the adventurous, she tells them to get married abroad.

“It’s actually ridiculously cheap to have a wedding on a safari in India, or to get married on an island in Thailand,” Bartok says.  “People don’t realize this is actually a really affordable option.”

She also advises people to get over the stigma of buying second-hand goods because previously loved wedding dresses are all the rage – a $5,000 dress for $500 is a sweet deal for the budget conscious.

“The financial stresses that come from going into debt for wedding is really bad for your marriage,” she says.  “Weddings should be about couples doing it for the right reason and not for the show.”

“If you start with a realistic budget at the beginning of your wedding planning, you can avoid unnecessary disappointments and stresses down the road,” says Genève McNally, planner at DreamGroup Productions in Vancouver.

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