Jun 28

Black and white photography


What’s old is new again.

Black and white has made a comeback according to a recent article published by the New York Institute of Photography.

“Black and white is back because it’s part of the power of photography,” says the article.  “In today’s color-saturated, manipulated-image world, black and white feels real.

“Black and white photography,” says the article,” is back because it’s beautiful.”

While color captures reality, black and white is deep.

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes,” according to Ted Grant, who is known as the godfather of Canadian photojournalism. “But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls.”

Most of us remember the wedding photo our grandparents had hanging on their living room wall – black and white is nostalgic.

Dorothea Lange’s famous photo of the Migrant Mother during the Great Depression is black and white doing what black and white does – tells a story without distraction.

David Geffin makes the case for black and white in an article in Fstoppers.

“It’s freed up that part of my brain,” he says. “Black and white allows you to begin to think about these key elements (lighting, composition, elements in and out of the frame) you might otherwise not focus on as much when you’re thinking about making colors work together, or pop.

“I still shoot color and love playing with it, but I certainly enjoy the challenge and creative push from shooting in black and white,” says Geffin.

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